Ring sizer

How to use a Ring Sizer

1. Take the tip of the ring sizer and push it through the buckle to make a loop (it’s like a belt!).

2. Put the loop on your finger.

3. Once the loop is on your finger, pull the end of the belt to tighten the loop around your finger.

4. This next step is the most important - the sizer must be able to come on and off your finger (like a ring would). You should feel resistance when sliding it past your knuckle, but it should be able to come on and off. If this is possible, the ring fits - comfortable doesn’t mean loose. It’s important that the ring fits snugly, otherwise it will be too big on your finger.

5. To read your finger size, take a look at the arrow on the buckle. The line on the right edge of a number indicates a full size.

Now that you’ve found the perfect fit!

Size Guide:

Circumference  Ring Size
38 12
39 12,5
42 13
43 13,5
44 14
45 14,5
47 15
49 15,5
50 16
52 16,5
54 17
55 17,5
58 18
59 18,5
60 19
61 19,5
63 20